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Marek Chmaj

Year of birth
Real Estate, Construction
Antimonopoly law
Energy law
Corporate law
Infrastructural projects
Commercial agreements in general
Professional certification
legal advisor


  • Higher education, professor of law.



  • Professor of law, granted by The President of Poland in 2009;
  • Legal Advisor;
  • Managing Partner and Head of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Department in Chmaj and Partners Law Office Limited Partnership (Spółka komandytowa) in Warsaw
  • Professor in the Department of Public Law in University of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Ex-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law in Real Estate University in Warsaw, ex-associate dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration in University of Warmia and Mazury
  • Lecture in Polish and European universities (f.ex. University of Warmia and Mazury, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, University in Castello - Spain, University of Bari in Italy, University of Latviain in Ryga)
  • Expert of : Polish Parliament, President’s office, Institute of Public Affairs, local self -government bodies, Committees in Sejm,
  • Author and co-author of several dozen publications of administrative and self-governmental issues, and about 200 other publications

Arbitration experience

Participated and arbitrated in arbitration proceedings (last in June 2014).


Membership in organizations

  • Member of the National Chamber of Legal Advisors from 2001;
  • Polskie Towarzystwo Prawa Konstytucyjnego.


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