Governing Bodies

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Governing Bodies

The Governing Bodies of the Court of Arbitration

The Court of Arbitration is managed by the Arbitration Committee, which is composed of the Court of Arbitration President, three Vice Presidents and the Members. The Court of Arbitration President represents the Court and performs other functions specified in the Court Rules. The Court of Arbitration Vice Presidents or members of Arbitration Committee act as its President deputies in handling matters entrusted to them by the Court President or the Court Arbitration Committee. The Arbitration Committee adopts resolutions by majority of votes of all its members present at session.

The Nominating Committee carries out the arbitrator substitute nomination procedure and decides on the termination of the arbitrator mandate in the event of their exclusion or recalling. The Nominating Committee is composed of the Chairman and two members. In performing its functions, the Nominating Committee is not bound by any instructions or opinions.

The Editorial Committee constituted by the President of the Court is in charge of organization Court’s editorial initiatives.

The Secretariat of the Court of Arbitration functions as its executive body. It is headed by the Secretary General. It performs its activities under direction of the Arbitration Committee.