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Arbitration Workshops

The Arbitration Workshops have a long tradition at the Court of Arbitration.

For a few years now, the Court of Arbitration at the PCPE Lewiatan has organized the arbitration workshops with the view to meet the demand of the current and future arbitrators and the counsels representing their clients before the arbitration courts. The purpose of the workshops has been to enable exchange of experience and views both between the speakers and the participants and among the participants themselves.

The first workshops were held on the 21st of March 2007 and followed by ones of the 18th of April 2007. The topics dealt with at both those workshops were: the composition of the court, the issue of exclusion of an arbitrator, the course of arbitration proceedings, the issue of evidence, and the rules for giving the award, in particular in the light of the ex aequo et bono principle.

On the 15th of May 2007, the workshop participants discussed the reasons for annulment of the arbitration award. The discussion of that issue was continued during the workshops held on the 6th of June 2007, focusing on proceedings before the arbitration court after the annulment of its award.

The latest workshops were organized on the 30th of October 2008 to analyze the practical aspects of investment disputes in the context of investment protection treaties, with particular regard to the procedural issues and the experience of the General Agency of State Treasury.

The participants of the workshops were, inter alia: prof. dr hab. Andrzej Szumański (the President of the Court), mec. Paweł Pietkiewicz (CMS Cameron McKenna), mec. Tomasz Dobrowolski (Hogan & Hartson), prof. dr hab. Wojciech Popiołek (University of Silesia), mec. Ewa Ratyńska-Stala, dr hab. Tadeusz Szurski (Honorary President of the Court), dr Andrzej W. Wiśniewski (Dewey Ballantine), mec. Krzysztof Wierzbowski (Eversheds), mec. Maciej Jamka (Hogan & Hartson), mec. Tomasz Zbiegień (Chadbourne & Parke), mec. Iwo Gabrysiak (Wierzbowski Eversheds), Andrzej Zielony (Judge’s Assistant in Civil Law Division of the Supreme Court, PhD student at Warsaw University), mec. Sylwester Pieckowski (Chadbourne & Parke), prof. dr hab. Adam Brzozowski (T. Barylski, A. Olszewski, A. Brzozowski), mec. Bartosz Krużewski (Clifford Chance), mec. Piotr Sadownik (Gide Loyrette Nouel), prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Domański (Domański, Zakrzewski, Palinka), mec. Rafał Kos (Kubas, Kos, Gaertner), mec. Krzysztof Stefanowicz (Salans), Elżbieta Buczkowska-Krzyśków (General Agency of State Treasury), Adam Olszewski (General Agency of State Treasury) and Piotr Rodkiewicz (General Agency of State Treasury).

The new edition of Workshops began in 2011. The first workshops was held on the 17th of March 2011 and was deal with complex but very important issue of arbitration costs. The speakers was: dr Beata Gessel, Karol Zawiślak, dr Maciej Tomaszewski, dr Rafał Morek, mec. Sylwester Pieckowski, mec. Maciej Jamka, mec. Wojciech Jaworski, mec. Adam Olszewski, mec. Paweł Pietkiewicz, mec. Dariusz Skuza and mec. Rafał Kos. The workshops was conducted in Polish.

The workshops was held at the Court of Arbitration building at 9 Flory Street in Warsaw.

The function of the workshop moderator was performed by mec. Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz, the Court Vice President.