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Breakfast with Abby Cohen Smutny

Within the framework of the Women in Arbitration Cycle Lewiatan Court of Arbitration oragnized a breakfast with Abby Cohen Smutny, Partner at White & Case Office in Washington, DC – an expert in both investment and commercial arbitration.

Abby Cohen Smutny is one of the most recognized women in arbitration society – she took part in such cases as: Plama Consortium, Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide v. Republic of the Philippines Limited v. Republic of Bulgaria, Amco Asia Corporation and others v. Republic of Indonesia, Giovanna A. Beccara and others v. Argentine Republic, as well as she is an author of inter alia such publications as: "The MFN Clause: What are its Limits"? in Arbitration under International Investment Agreements: An analysis of the key procedural, jurisdictional and substantive issues, Oxford University Press (2009) (co-author with Lee A. Steven) or "Claims of Shareholders in International Investment Law" in ed. C. Binder et al., International Investment Law, Liber Amicorum Christopher Schreuer, Oxford University Press (2009).

The breakfast, in which took part 14 women, was held on 24 May in the seat of PCPE Lewiatan. It was conducted by the President of the Court, dr Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz.