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The electronic system „Intranet of the Lewiatan Court of Arbitration”

Court of Arbitration at the Polish Confederation Lewiatan has the honour to present the first electronic system in Poland streamlining the arbitration proceedings - Intranet of the Lewiatan Court of Arbitration (ISAL). It improves efficiency and organization of arbitration proceedings.

ISAL system in modern, efficient, secure and transparent way supports the work of the parties, their attorneys, arbitrators and other entities participating in arbitration. The System supports traditional way of providing documents in most proceedings while for small proceedings conducted under expedited procedure, it will be the main way of communication between participants. The main functionalities of the system are as follows:

Access to information and documents

The system collects all the information related to the case, such as the data of the participants, documents and events associated with it. Participants may contact with each other and with the Court and make available the documents, the originals of which were submitted to the court’s records.


Calendar referring to the case in a clear and transparent manner presents the dates of hearings and other events associated with each individual case, as well as collectively to all proceedings in which the user is involved. Users can also create their own events related to the case, which will not be visible to other participants.

On-line hearings

First of all, the system allows remote heading and participating in online hearings, what makes available to all parties to save time and costs associated with traditional forms of participation in the hearings. It is also possible to organize a partial on-line hearing including only the individual participants.

Notification System

Notification system will remind you of all upcoming events such as hearings or deadlines for submission of documents. Users will also be notified about the appearance of new documents in the system.

ISAL system is available free of charge to all participants of arbitration proceedings pending before the Lewiatan Court of Arbitration. It is adapted to both the traditional version, as well as the light version (ie. adapted to receive from small mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets). Full functionality of the merits part of the system does not require any additional licensed components.

How to create an account?

Participants of arbitration proceedings pending before the Lewiatan Court of Arbitration are requested to fill in the Application for an Account (available below or in the Secretariat of the Court) and to submit it personally or by mail / courier to the Secretariat of the Court. The application must be signed personally, copies or scans are not accepted.


Rules of ISAL

User Manual

Application for an Account in ISAL system