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Arbitration in Poland

"This is neither a manual nor an academic book, which presents the whole issue in an exhaustive manner. The picture of arbitration has been structured on the basis of selected issues, characteristic of a given type of a dispute. Hence, we tackle the following problems: disputes with the participation of the Polish State by M. Dziurda and A. Olszewski, disputes pertaining to the regulated market by A. Chłopecki, construction disputes presented by M. Jamka and A. Barczewski, and finally the corporate disputes explained by B. Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz. Additionally, the first chapter of the book is like an essay in which the author, K. Stefanowicz, not only describes the Polish arbitration system in general but also shares some personal reflections thereof. At the end of the book the reader may find a summary in the form of a short article on the Polish arbitration as seen from the foreigner’s perspective, i.e. that of G. Wegen’s. Picteruesque views of the Polish capital do justice to the substantive materials."

Ed. Dr. Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz [part of the Introduction]


The book is published in English-Polish version.

Since the book is a part of Project "Promotion of amicable methods of commercial disputes resolution".